Most Effective Treatment options for Hair loss

Loss of hair can be an incredibly difficult and embarrassing thing to accept. Don’t let baldness lower your self-esteem, and search for a solution. Contrary to popular belief, there are useful treatment options out there one can try; some are designed to reverse or decrease baldness, others an even stop it once and for all. Hair loss is a preconception many have a hard time going through and while some men are comfortable in their hair loss, others are devastated by it. When looking for options it is important to stay focused on the facts; this is the best way you can be successful.

Hair loss is a affliction that differs from one individual to another. Complete baldness may occur in men of different ages; the aim is to find a solution and not see this method as something irreparable. To be sure that you’ve picked the right baldness treatment, it is significant that you seek advice from a specialist; by doing this you’ll be certain that the therapy prescribed is precisely what you need your hair back.

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Before going for a treatment method make sure you understand the reason behind your baldness or hair thinning. There’s more than one reason to baldness, and a poor diet is one of them; one more reason could be anxiety or a common predisposition to lack of essential vitamins in the body. Before considering treatment options take time to consider your specific cause. Can you simply change your diet, hair shampoo or reduce the stress in your life and stop or slow down the baldness? Maybe, and you need to explore those possibilities first.

It is often possible for you to not be suited to the concepts we made above; in cases like this a professional baldness treatment might be precisely what you need. Some of the the majority of common baldness treatment options are shampoos and conditioners for hair thinning, growth stimulations creams, and finally, cost of hair transplant in Singapore. If the baldness is not major, then you could look at a special shampoo that is designed to stimulate hair re-growth. Generally speaking, products that stimulate growth production are available in the form of a lotion which encourages hair roots that don’t want to grow. Hair transplant is an invasive form of treatment; the method involves collecting hair roots from the back of the head and planting it in parts with less hair.

Hair Transplant – A Practical Solution to Baldness

Hair surgery horror testimonies are not new; actually, they’re more prevalent than what you know already. A lot of people go bald and the factors vary. The issue is that folks don’t recognize the reason which easily leads to horror hair surgery testimonies. Nonetheless hair surgery has advanced in recent years to make it a practical, secure and not too chancy alternative for those suffering with hair loss; many celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Nicholas Cage and Salman Khan and even Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are believed to have had hair transplantation surgery, although such is the preconception associated that none of them have confessed to it in public, it only becomes clear when looking at before and after pictures.

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Hair surgery, a feasible alternative to hair loss

Hair transplant surgery originated in 1939 when Dr. Okuda, a Japanese physician published a document related to small grafts; the strategy is related to today’s most advanced strategies used in transplantation.

This technique required making use of hair transplant grafts to mend lost hair from various areas of the body, like the head, eyebrow, and moustache areas. In the 80’s hair transplant progressed significantly, as the large punch grafts were steadily replaced with a more refined combination of mini and micrografts.

Hair transplantation surgery Surgical treatment – Various Sorts

Generally speaking, hair transplantation is popularly known as “follicular unit hair surgery, and it is split into two main categories. Follicular unit Transplant popularly known as FUT or ‘strip surgery’ and Follicular unit extraction, popularly known as FUE; the real difference is the strategy for taking out the transplanted locks.


It turned out it was in the 90s when follicular unit hair surgery, or FUT came into being. In 1993, Dr. Robert Bernstein published a study entitled “Follicular Transplantation”; the document explained the physician’s initial attempt at utilizing follicular units for repairing lost hair. The treatment cited above is seen right now as an incredibly useful strategy.

Through an intervention, a surgeon takes locks from a lasting area (typically from the back of the head) and plants it on a bald area. If you require a significant area covered, then you most likely want to go with FUT because it is more economical in terms of quantity of grafts for price paid. If you absolutely, positively don’t want strip surgical procedure as you are worried about skin damage, then FUE is your only alternative. Contrary to public opinion, both approaches leave surgical marks.

Hair transplantation surgery And Its Main Costs

The majority of interventions that are according to the FUT approaches are carried out by the most acclaimed specialists; FUE methods however, are offered through a number of industry experts, even though not all of them are experts in their particular field. As far as cost is concerned, FUE methods cost from $7 to $11 per graft. Needless to say, this depends on the Norwood Scale, which is a balancing weighing machine intended to determine a patient’s degree of hair loss. As for FUT interventions, these are cheaper. They cost between $4 and $6 per graft. Rumor has it that in Eastern Europe and Asia, the cost is even lower.

Does cheaper mean superior?

Contrary to popular belief, even if hair transplantation is a high-class form of beauty procedure, a lot of people look for the more convenient choice; these people usually come from nations around the world such as Thailand, Pakistan and India, but also from Eastern Europe.

Hair Transplant and The way the Strategies Advanced Throughout the years

We’ve all heard of hair surgery horror tales, most likely in a newspaper, on the web, or even worse, in real life in a friend or family member. Ten, 20 years ago, not many individuals were having hair transplants. The treatment methods were not that sophisticated, and a great deal of individuals had concerns that they were potent. That was until well-known famous people chose to test it out. Even Italy’s famous Silvio Berlusconi decided to give the remedy a try. Hair transplantation surgery is not your typical type of surgical procedure; although specialists have shown to be a lot more successful than conventional treatment options for baldness, such as specialized hair shampoos or creams.

Background of Hair Transplant – Hair Transplantation singapore, historical facts

Hair transplantation surgery came forth in 1939, when a Japanese physician known as Dr. Okuda posted a related report; he described important things about a method that employed small grafts; the technique was very similar to the modern ones experts employ nowadays in hair transplantation.

The hair thinning was corrected with hair grafts; these were meant to fix hair thinning in several parts of the body, including the eyebrow zones or the head. In 80s, more substantial portions of hair grafts were replaced for lightweight, more polished variations.

Types of Hair Transplant

Generally speaking, hair transplantation is often called “follicular unit hair surgery for hair loss, and it is split into two main categories. Follicular unit hair transplant (FUT) or strip operation and follicular unit extraction are the two main categories.


The treatment involves taking grafts from places with plenty of hair and plant them in areas with hardly any hair (commonly the top or front of the head). If you require a significant area covered, then you probably want to go for FUT because it is more economic in terms of number of grafts for price paid. If you absolutely, positively don’t want strip operation as you are concerned with skin damage, then FUE is your sole alternative. But you must understand that each method will leave some sort of mark.

Hair transplantation surgery And Its Main Costs

Does less costly mean better?

These days, many people want to spend less; this usually happens in countries like Pakistan, India and Thailand, as well as in Eastern Europe.

Hair transplantation surgery shouldn’t be dismissed as it is a type of procedure that renders visible outcomes; nonetheless, before testing it make sure to try the less distressing treatment methods first. After you’ve convinced yourself that hair transplantation is the best choice, search for reliable doctors; determine pricing as well, and don’t overlook that the lesser the hair the more costly the treatment. Living with a scarred scalp is often distressing; this is one of the main motives individuals ought to decide a professional medical professional to do the operation.

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